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Nature lives along with US

        "Thai Flower" stand with Thai Culture for a lont time. until present,even people life style and culture changed but flowers scent never changed. every flower has a unique scent. Like Lotus Scent help meditation. Night Jasmine help relax. and now 'Homthai' will lead you to the new experience which you never met before

" Homthai The Scret of Scent "

         "HOMTHAI" The Scent Natural“Fragrance” of Thai Flower was related to Thai people for long time. Whether it’s from fresh flowers, flower garland, place in bowl, plant along the terrace, All of this has been shown up in Thai literature. If it’s left, we will make it dried and turn into flower sachet, perfume, perfumed powder, etc.. So,we can use for the next time we need.

NATURE come to your hand