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Force International Company Limited, the copyright holder of the product under the name "Homthai"


"The Company" recognizes the importance of personal information protection issues in the internet. Believe that it is important for you to know that the company How to handle personal information received from you

In general, you can visit the company's website. Without having to let the company know who you are Including not having to disclose various personal information about you Company's web server Will save only the domain name Will not save the email address of the website visitors. The collected information will be used for counting the number of visitors. The average duration of visits to the company's website Or viewing each webpage etc. To be used to further improve the company's website content

However, if the company Intending to store your information, such as your name and address, the company will try to notify you when it will be collected and the purpose of your personal data collection Usually, the company information The store will be used by the company. Only for use in answering your questions Carry out your request Or allowing you to access special information on certain occasions

From time to time, the company May conduct online surveys for better understanding of the needs and information of visitors of the company's website. When the company will conduct the survey, the company will try to inform you that the company How to use your information collected online? Participation in those surveys is voluntary, so you can choose to disclose or not disclose your personal information.

The above personal information protection policy applies only to information provided by this website. If you think that the company Not following the above privacy policy You can contact the company staff at

Phone 02-961-3717 or Email:


Address: 69/37 Ban Mai Pak Kret Nonthaburi 11120

Phone: 02 9613717 ext 110

LINE@ : homthai


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