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Wild Water Plum, The Sacred Flower, is a clean and clear with fresh and romance scent which make refresh their mind. In the past, people believe
which house was planted a wild water plum, Happiness will com to their
house. Wild Water Plum means “The Liberation from Suffering”

Air Refreshener "Wild Water Plum"

SKU: 54654212

    delivery Delivered every Monday - Friday, every 9.00 hrs. Orders after 9.00 will be shipped the next day.

    Shipping cost per item - Thailand Post, EMS (ThaiPost) 50 baht (1-3 days) - Kerry Express 60 baht (1-3 days) If spending 500 baht or more [[free shipping nationwide]]


    Payment methods via bank

    Account name: Force International Company

    Bangkok Bank No. 058-8-03119-5 Robinson Srisaman Branch

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