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"Asian Piegeonwings" , a colorful flower Like a bright, cheerful young woman Always cute

Origin of the smell

Asian Piegeonwings is a fragrant flower caused by oil glands that spread across various parts of the flower, while the flowers are still fresh. The fragrance is mixed with water. Therefore resulting in not being fragrant When the pea flower is dry The tissue of the flower is not in its original form. The flowers are shrunk down because of water loss. Therefore causing the odor that is hidden in the butterfly pebbles to evaporate

The aroma of fresh Asian Piegeonwings flowers has a stimulating effect on learning and memory. Helps to relieve stress. Relieve anxiety Helps to sleep well.

Asian Pigeonwings, The Joyful Lady. It enchances mental charity, concentration and alertness.

Air Refreshener ""Asian Piegeonwings"

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